Generalised anxiety course

Generalised anxiety is the most common way anxiety can present itself. This course helps people who identify as "chronic worriers", or who find that their levels of worrying is interfering with their daily life, work, relationships, or leisure.

Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helps people reduce their worry, anxiety, and physical symptoms both in the short and long term. Just a Thought courses are based on online CBT.

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What will I learn?

Lesson 1

Introduction to generalised anxiety

Lesson 2

Managing thoughts

Lesson 3

Challenging beliefs about worry

Lesson 4

Learn to face your fears

Lesson 5

Challenging beliefs

Lesson 6

Preventing relapse
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How effective is it?

Most people benefit from each lesson completed and show greater improvement when they complete the entire course.

Randomised controlled trials and effectiveness studies prove that the tool really works.


of people who benefited substantially


of people report they were no longer troubled by anxiety after completing the course

I would like to thank you for making this course available. I have been told I would benefit from CBT many times, but because it's expensive to do I haven't been able to get the help. I really appreciate the opportunity to do this course.

Generalised anxiety course participant

Step by step

1Take a quiz

Take a short quiz to understand how you're feeling and if you would benefit from a course.

2Illustrated lessons

Follow Liz's journey - one of our Just a Thought characters who is learning to combat anxiety.

3Lesson Summary

Summaries and activities you can download to practise the skills learnt in each lesson.

Lessons on multiple devices

4Extra resources

Additional activities and information you can download and complete between lessons.

5Share your story

You'll have the opportunity to share your story and help motivate others.

The cover of an extra resource

What type of support will I receive?

The amount of support you receive will depend on how you choose to do this course. If the healthcare professional you are working with prescribes it for you, they will receive updates on your wellbeing and progress so they can support you.

If you choose the self-care method, you won't get support from your health professional. The self-care method is designed to enhance motivation and self-reliance. Provided you complete all six lessons, your results from the self-care method will be as good as with supervision.

How long will it take?

You can take this free course at your own pace. It is best to do one lesson every week or two, so you have time to practise and revise the new skills you've learnt. We'll email you to tell you when your next lesson is available. When you complete the course, we'll keep your account open so you can revisit the course at any time.

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